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Sir Neil Cossons, Chairman of English Heritage supported the nomination of the Liverpool Waterfront as a World Heritage Site, saying:

“This announcement confirms what many people of Liverpool have always known –

Liverpool is beyond question

one of the great cities of the world.

Liverpool’s historic buildings are instantly recognisable and are a proud reminder that this was a hugely important maritime and mercantile city on the world stage; gateway to the new world, Liverpool was the greatest seaport of the old.

“Today we see Liverpool’s future intimately bound up with the celebration of its distinguished past.  21st century Liverpool is undergoing an extraordinary period of development that will change the way the city looks forever.  There are great opportunities for regeneration and prosperity, but we must ensure that we do not unknowingly lose the very things that make Liverpool special.  World Heritage status will help focus attention on the need to manage change carefully and to take advantage of the enormous asset that the city’s historic environment affords us.”

Councillor Mike Storey CBE, Leader of the Liverpool Council at the time, said:

“There are few examples of world-beating architecture that can match Liverpool’s imposing waterfront and its cultural buildings. Liverpool is the World in One City, and this is reflected in its rich architectural legacy.”


The 3 Graces at Liverpool Waterfront

The stunning trio of buildings at the Pier Head form one of the
most dramatic and recognisable waterfronts in the world.


[info]Liverpool was founded by Royal Charter in 1207 and its commercial port is the ultimate exemplar of Britain’s global influence from the 18th century to the early 20th century.

By the 19th century Liverpool was the greatest Trans-Atlantic port in Europe, eventually encompassing some 120 ha of wet docks enclosed by 10 km of fortress-like dock walls.

The World Heritage Site includes twelve surviving historic docks, with the magnificent Albert Dock and Pier Head at their centre, six monumental dockside warehouses and many other important dock structures such as the dock security walls.[/info]